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Finding the Person of Peace and their Oikos

Finding the Person of Peace (During Lockdown)

We’ve been sending out Pioneers (in teams) through Mission Britain and equipping established churches to find Persons of Peace through Newforms Resources for over 10 years…

I’ve personally tried and failed, and learn’t to rely more and more on the leading of the Holy Spirit over the past 20 years. These are some of the things we’ve learn’t through the process of Finding the Person of Peace; the key to starting new communities of disciples…


Who is the Person of Peace? The Person of Peace is the key to unlocking the work of disciple making and starting new churches or communities of disciples in new places or amongst new (unreached) people groups…

Jesus and the early disciples practiced Finding the Person of Peace, we see the instructions for this process outlined in Luke 10 and Matthew 10. We also see the apostle Paul and his teams following a similar process throughout the Book of Acts. In fact the process of Finding the Person of Peace is embedded throughout the whole Bible…consider Rahab, Lot, Matthew the Tax Collector, Mary and Martha, Cornelius, Lydia and many more…These were all Persons of Peace!


In Matthew 10:11 Jesus instructs his disciples saying; ‘Whenever you enter a city or village, search for a Man of Peace (worthy person/person of peace) and stay in his home (oikos) until you leave town’

The key to this is that the Person of Peace unlocks their Oikos! Oikos is the term for household- that includes the extended family, neighbours, work-colleague and so on. The Oikos is the whole social circle of the Person of Peace. In other words, when you find the Person of Peace who welcomes you into their household (oikos), the gospel spreads not only to the individual but to their whole network! That network could include 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000 depending on the setting and the sphere of influence of the Person of Peace.

If we sow the gospel of the Kingdom in the Household of Peace, a whole community of disciples can grow up in that soil, forming a new church amongst that people group or place!


There is not one way, but many ways to find the Person of Peace…over the years we’ve probably tried over 101 ways to finding the person of peace! But there are some principles as outlined in Luke 10:1-12. We wrote about some of these principles in a booklet called Pioneer Mission a while ago, and also shared a few practices in former blog articles, some of which I will post at the end of this article…

I will highlight a few here though…


It all begins in prayer. The kind of prayer that says; ‘Here I Am, Send Me!’ and listens to the Voice of Jesus to hear where the Spirit is directing you to go (What towns and villages is He sending you to – see Luke 10:1). Once you know what people groups (Matt 10) or places (Luke 10) He is sending you to…begin to pray for that people/place

There will come a time to leave your house/comfort zone- and enter Your Promise Land. Begin walking the length and breadth of the land (as Abraham, Joshua, Jesus, the Celtic Pioneers and many others before us have).

Pray that God sends you a partner (a fellow Pilgrim) or team to go with…(as Jesus sent them out in Two’s and Teams)

As you walk, pray blessing on the land, pray for open doors for effective work, ask the Lord of the Harvest to show you where to begin and to send out labourers, and to show you where the Group of Peace are! (He will show you! Remember the apostle Peter praying on the roof and being led to Cornelius (Acts 10)? Remember Philip being led down a road to The Treasurer of Ethiopia? (Acts 8)


When we meet people as we prayer walk, knock on doors, hang out in cafes, in the workplace and so on, (wherever and to whomever God sends you) we can listen to people and their problems, and as they share, turn their problems into prayers (‘really sorry to hear that.., Jesus help ‘such-and-such’ with this. We ask your Holy Spirit to come into this situation right now…‘)

We can then ask them; ‘how do you feel now? Did you experience anything? ‘ and from there we can share our story (our testimony of how we met Jesus/what Jesus has done in our lives)


When we go, we sow. We sow the message of the Kingdom to the people we meet. How this is done, depends on the team going out and the people to whom you are sent to. The Lord of the Harvest will show you ‘the way in’ through Prayer and Prayer Walking and the gifts of the team…

However, no matter what cultural approach we take or Ephesians 4:11 gift we have to begin with, it’s the gospel itself that has the power! The truth is, people are lost in darkness without the hope of Jesus and the Resurrection of the Dead…


I’ve written this short article as way of reminder of some of the basic principles of Pioneer Mission, and for those just starting out on the journey during Corona (it’s not a complete picture, nor have I outlined the whole process or many of the simple reproducible practices).

However, The Wave that was prophesied (for 20 years) is upon us…and I believe it will intensify. Now more than ever, it’s time to ‘Work while it’s still day, for when night comes, no-one will be able to work

At the end of 2009, God spoke to me saying, ‘You have a 10-15 year window of opportunity in Britain and Europe to work while it’s still day’

We are now in Year 10, in the midst of Corona Restrictions and Lockdowns…let’s use this next 5 years to gather momentum in disciple and church multiplication movements (particularly in the UK, Europe and Western World)! Making Disciples who Make Disciples so that the church spreads into every nook and cranny of society!


If restrictions mean you can only meet in groups of 5, so be it! If restrictions mean you can only meet in groups of 15, so be it…

Church in Parks, Church in Fields, Church in Homes, Church in Pubs, Church in Cafes

But, ‘Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together’...or ‘making disciples’ or ‘preaching the good news’ as those things are commands straight from heaven, from Jesus who is seated above all principalities, rulers and authorities (Matthew 28:18-20)



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