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Finding The Person of Peace (The 4 Questions)


I’ve heard so many people say…’What You Need to Understand is…The West is different to the East…You Don’t Really Find Persons of Peace and Oikos In Europe…’

To which I often reply…now…

We could find one a day if we wanted to and we knew where to look and what to say

Notice I said ‘Simple‘ not ‘Easy

In our 15 years learning these PioneerMission Game Tips…(yes, we’re slow gamers)…the hardest barriers we’ve found to making disciples and starting movements are in US (the workers/players)

The 15 years (since the Year 2K) was not necessarily about ‘warming up the harvest‘…but was actually more about ‘warming up the workers‘…’pulling down every idea in us that set’s itself up against Jesus and His Kingdom’…as friend and brother Wolfgang Simson often says ‘God takes us into the desert to kill us…‘ It’s taking a long time to kill me…and I’m not sure I’m dead yet…

Are you dead yet?


Then Let The Games Begin…(If you’re not dead…play the game anyway…you may well die in the process)

Here is Why It’s Simple to Find Persons of Peace in the Darkest Continent on the Planet (that’s Europe by the way) and elsewhere if you prefer…

What is a Person of Peace?
As my brother and a co-conspirator in Multiplication Movements on Post-Modern Soil, Paul D Watson, (whose been reaching the online culture and is about to release a groundbreaking disciple making book with his dad), likes to point out…

A Person of Peace is someone who is OHS

OPEN – Open to You
HUNGRY- Hungry for Spiritual Things(To Find Out More About Jesus)
SHARE- Willing To Share (with their Oikos/social network)

So How Do You Sift through the Crowd to Find Those who are Open, Hungry and willing to Share?

Well…it’s SIMPLE…but NOT EASY…


It took us almost 10 years to Discover This Secret…

The Secret is…Finding the Person of Peace is like a Game…A Bit Like ‘Where’s Wally‘…but even more fun! The Enemy hates it when Pioneers find Persons of Peace…it unlocks doors for effective work and destroys his GamePlan!

Here is one way of Playing the ‘Where’s PoP?’ game…

Use a PoP Quiz…

Here Are 4 QUESTIONS we can ask at the end of every Spiritual Conversation or Prayer we have with non-churchy people…

1. Would You Like to Know More? (they might do)
2. Where Can We (at least 2 others) Meet You? (so it’s on their terms and turf)
3. Who Else Could You Gather to Explore Further Together? (to assess if they have an oikos)
4. What Time, Date and other Details? (always arrange there and then…and connect on facebook or some kind of social media if possible- how annoying it is to take people’s numbers then get no response!)

Since we started asking these 4Q’s…THE GAME CHANGED!

Suddenly we started Finding Persons of Peace left, right and centre and we’ve started training people to ask these 4Q’s all over Europe!

People would answer stuff like…
1. Yes, we would like to know more!
2. You guys can meet at my place
3. I can let some of my neighbours, family and friends know
4. Let’s meet tomorrow at…

But How Do We Get to the Point of Being Able to Do A PoP Quiz with Potential PoP’s in the First Place?

Do you just walk up to people and launch straight in with the 4 Questions?

Well…not quite…first we need to Understand and Practice the first 4 Steps along the PATH that Jesus Sent His Disciples Along in Matt 10/Luke 10

We need to do or say something that causes them to want to know more

One Caveat to My Previous Post on why ‘You Won’t Find Persons of Peace Through Evangelism...’

You MIGHT Find PoP’s through ‘Evangelism’ if you add the PoP Quiz (4Q’s) to the end of your ‘evangelism’ …But it’s still harder to get to Oikos with ‘Passing People‘ than with discernible ‘Pockets of People‘ (see previous post)…remember the key is to FOCUS ON GROUPS NOT INDIVIDUALS in order to Find Persons of Peace (Cheat 1)

If the People you Meet (Potential PoP’s) answer the 4Q’s postitively…you MAY have found your Person of Peace…

But I know what you’re thinking….what do you do if they say YES…and you do end up meeting them again…possibly with their oikos if they have fulfilled Q3…

Well…first off…if the person is a stranger to you, go in 2’s as Jesus’ Gaming Instructions indicate…(Luke 10)

But we’ll cover the ‘Meet-Up‘ stage of the game in another post

But if, as a result of reading this…you are now Finding PoP’s all over the Place…you could start the HOUSE Plan…with your PoP and their oikos

Let me know how you get on….GO! GO! GO!

(Want more Game Tips, Hacks and Cheats? Go to

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  1. ChrisP

    Hello Peter, thank you for these concise summary posts they are really helpful. Me and Anna went out last Sunday into our area to pray for and invite people to a community meal at our house. Some people may come this Saturday. I admit we were focussing more on them than their oikos, though we’re asking them who they can bring as well (lots to learn…). In this capacity, we’re acting as the People of Peace, I guess. Should we invest energy only in those who have an oikos they are willing to share with? Otherwise we could end up with a small group of people who are dependent on us for discipleship/disciple-making-training. This would be not in itself be bad I guess – and more suited to our natural gift seen so far – than more apostolic PoP finding, but slower to see multiplication?

    1. admin

      Hi Chris and Anna
      As you said, you are acting as the ‘Person of Peace’ so in a sense you are not focusing primarily on individuals…but inviting individuals into your ‘Oikos’…or ‘Forming Oikos’

      When they come together…to see multiplication, which is what Jesus communicated was a sign and pattern in His Kingdom (Matt 13), ensure there is a Simple Pattern of Practices that you Model, Assist them in, Watch them, then Leave (in the sense that they will go and reproduce what they have seen Modelled into their own extended households/oikos in their Home/Work/Leisure)

      So…when the People you have gathered (oikos) come together
      Are you training them in:

      Who They Will Gather (their oikos- where they live/work/play)?
      What They Will Say
      How They Will Gather
      What Will They Do When They Gather

      You train them simply through Modelling Your Simple Pattern each week, getting them to practice (assist, watch) and ask them the questions

      (see the post on HOUSE)

  2. Steve McIntosh

    Finally I think I am getting it. About a month ago I was doing a works Christian group Bible study on righteousness, and this lady had come along for the first time. She was astonished at the truth having been going to a Catholic church. She said she was hungry to know more and the next week gave her life to Jesus.
    She said she had many Catholic friends who would love to find out for themselves. We are meeting next week. We will see what God does.
    Keep up the good work Peter.

    1. admin

      When you meet for your ‘Bible Study’ groups
      If you repeat a Simple Pattern of Practices each time you meet that ‘anyone in the group’ can do
      You can immediately train and send them out to form their own 2nd Gen Groups/Bible Studies with their oikos

      Everyone will be then part of 2 groups –
      The one you are modelling in
      The one they then start as a result

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