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How We Found The ‘Place of Peace’ within 24 Hours in Berlin


How We Find the HouseHold of Peace ThroughTreasure Hunting Clues, Signs and a Dream

Charles Kridiotis shares the story…

When we were at the Training Weekend with Peter J Farmer in Helsingborg (hosted by Charles and Rickard Cruz). Early the Saturday morning Charles got 4 dreams in a row (Nov 2013)

The first 3 were concerning other people…that Charles shared with them and they all proved to be right.

Charles was sitting at a table and was waiting for some friends because we were going to go to a meeting together. While Charles was sitting there…this anglo white person came to me and with him were 2 Romany people carrying a cake which they had for Charles. Charles didn’t know them at all. They sat with Charles and they talked for a while. Then Charles saw his friends and politely excused himself from the Romanies and said ‘I’ve got to go now..‘ and the Romany’s said ‘No! No! No! You’re supposed to come with us.’

Charles said ‘No…I’ve got something that was already planned

So he got up to leave to go with his friends and on the way there he felt that God said ‘No…you’re supposed to go with the Romany’s

So Charles went to his friends and said; ‘Sorry! I’ve got to go with the Romany’s’

When he turned around to shout after the Romany’s that he was ‘going to go with them‘…suddenly in Big Letters it appeared to him BERLIN…and there was a whisper that said ‘Berlin‘ at the same time as seeing the letters in front of him

After sharing the first 3 dreams to the people indicated in the dreams that turned out to be right, he felt that the 4th dream must be right too. So he decided to be obedient to the heavenly vision and visit Berlin…It was just a matter of time when to go there.

When we planned to go to Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2014…the best possible flights for Charles went through Berlin…

So Charles decided to book 3 days in Berlin before the Simple Church EU Consultation 2014…even though he didn’t know any Romany’s or have any connections.

That’s when Peter J Farmer came into the story…when Charles said he was going to Berlin…Peter felt to join him and we agreed to meet in Berlin for 3 days…

Charles did some research and found there was an area in Berlin where Romany families lived, but felt the first thing we needed to do together whilst in the city, was to pray at the ‘Romany Memorial (Memorial to the Roma and Sinti People who were killed in the holocaust) which we did on the first day after praying at the Brandenburg Gate

We then went to the area where Romany’s lived (an area within Berlin called ‘Neukolln‘). We prayer-walked part of that area for a couple of hours. In that time we could sense that there was something God was doing. So we continued to pray as we walked along. Peter felt we were to go in a court yard and up some stairs. Peter sensed to knock on a door where music was coming from and we met a Potential Person of Peace who we had a really good conversation with…he gave us the adress of a cafe/bar that we will visit this evening…

Later that evening we went back into the centre of Berlin and ended up praying at an abandoned gateway/arch by the river Spree…After that as we were heading back to the hotel, a man came and stood right in front of us…he was acting very strangely…then when we got onto the train he was sitting in front of us and doing ‘snake-like movements’…we started praying and he started bending over with his head right down at our feet. He then got up and moved away from us to the back of the train…

The next day we knew we were going to see Victory over the Powers of Satan in this city.

So the following morning we went to Pergamon Museum in Berlin to pray at the ancient gateways that are bringing ancient influences into the modern day city and Europe. The Ishtar Gate and the Pergamon AltarMiletus Gate and Gates of Islam…(SEE HERE!)

After leaving from there we went to the Reichstag (The German Parliament building)…the centre of power of Hitler and the current parliament…so we prayed there…

Neukolln (‘This is the Place to Be’)
When Charles prayed this morning he felt he would speak to an older man, Roma between the age of 55-60 years of age, who would have red clothing and be a little bit portly.

We then made our way back to the prime area we prayer walked the previous day to find potential Households of Peace

Charles found some apartment housing he felt we should go to. So we went into the apartment block and enquired where there might be some Romany people. The builders sent us up to the third floor…there was no-one there. On the way down we stopped at the first floor after seeing a ‘sign’ on one of the doors and felt we should knock on all the doors there. The first door that answered we asked if they spoke english and a young Roma lady said ‘Yes!’

Then Charles said ‘I’m from Sweden and we’re looking for Roma people
The young lady said ‘I’m Roma and from Sweden and speak Swedish and English’

Charles then started telling her his story of the Dream he had
But before he mentioned God giving him the dream she said ‘Come In’

So we were introduced to the rest of the Roma family who were there and told the story very briefly about the dream as the young lady translated from Swedish into Roma.

While Charles was relating the story…the mother-in-law whose apartment it was phoned her husband and the pastor of their church as it turns out they are Roma Pentecostals…

The pastor who arrived had a red top on and a nike symbol that symbolises ‘Victory’ (we had prayed that morning and saw lots of the ‘false signs’ of victory in the statues throughout Berlin and sensed we had victory after our encounter with the man who had the ‘snake’ last night)

The husband and ‘pastor’ arrived within 10 mins. Charles then shared the dream with them through translation. They felt ‘this was of God and there is something God wants to do’

We exchanged stories and Peter sensed we should share hope and vision with them.

They were very keen for us to come back to them the next day at 6pm (third day the Pioneers Peter and Charles have been in Berlin) and go with them to meet the rest of their church and have asked us to share the story about the dream and to teach and preach which is something Charles and I will do together…

The sense of awe that the first Romany’s we talk to invited us in…gave us coffee…offered us even a place to stay…AND the fact that God prepared this young lady to be at the potential ‘Household of Peace‘ at the time we arrived to translate from Swedish into the language of the residents of that household (and that’s even the young ladies permanent address- she’s the daughter-in-law of the household but she doesn’t even live in Germany!)

When we left this family after 2 hours, and playing the video that our co-worker Ben took when he was in Romania (this family lived previously in Romania) we saw a sign above a cafe/bar that said


(maybe this post has inspired you and is stirring YOU to Action? You may want to join a Pioneer Mission Team as we travel within and across the 50+ Countries of Europe)

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