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The Caterpillar & The Butterfly: The Possibility of Transformation through Lockdown


Billions of ordinary people around the world hunkered down in their homes in 2020 due to ‘THE CROWN VIRUS’ [what Corona actually means]

With Corona, ‘idols’ toppled as we went into Global Lockdown

Our dependence on fast food, restaurants, sporting events, theatres, cinemas, coffee houses, public education, church services, public meetings, gym, shopping and so on…even extended to dependence on family relations and economics…

We were cut off from all these things!

It took 3 months for the first wave of ‘idols’ to topple

Towards the end of the first 3 months of lockdown, even public statues were knocked off their pedestals, including Edward Colston and King Leopold II

The ‘powers of the heavens are being shaken’

Resulting in THE MIGHTY brought down from their thrones and THE LOWLY being lifted up (Luke 1:52)


The video of an unarmed black man; George Floyd pinned to the ground with a police officers knee in his neck for 8 mins 26 seconds whilst pleading ‘I Can’t Breathe’, sent shock waves around the world

Protests took place across the globe, crowds took to the streets and in some cases rioting broke out, as Martin Luther King Jr said; ‘Riots are the language of the unheard’

The blood cries out from the ground…

Around the world disciples of Jesus celebrated Pentecost 2020; when the fire and wind of the Holy Spirit came down from heaven and Shavuot; when the Law of Heaven came down to Moses on Mount Sinai…

Prior to Pentecost, the disciples were hidden away in a house on Lockdown…when the Holy Spirit came, they took the fire outdoors…this ignited the crowd made up of people of all nationalities…

Jesus’ Spirit enabled those who were fearful to be bold after He breathed on them and said; ‘Receive my Spirit’

The breathless received resurrection power…

And it turns out, George Floyd was a Person of Peace. Those involved in Disciple Making Movements in America attest to that fact. The impact of his death has brought many to Christ as The Church takes Urban Worship to the streets. We see the impact of this with videos of ‘live’ baptisms from the George Floyd memorial. There’s a harvest coming out of Minneapolis! Dozens of people are saved and healed at the intersection where George died. It seems as though a new Jesus Movement is stirring among the George Floyds of this world…


Who knows what might fully emerge post-lockdown? We are already witnessing glimmers of hope amongst despair.

We’ve seen crowds emerging out of lockdown, marching together in unity to tackle global systemic racism and oppression specifically against black people

Our institutions are beginning to address deeper questions, previously brushed aside or patched up merely at surface level. The fault lines regarding such issues go a lot deeper than previously imagined!

A surgeons knife is needed to cut to the heart of such matters in order to remove the blockages and tend to those deeper wounds…those who’ve sustained fatal injuries are sometimes induced into a coma that enables The Body time to Heal

This global lockdown is like a society-induced coma…

Some deep wounds are being attended to in the unseen realm as we’ve all entered the cocoon of lockdown

The greater the intensity of shutdown…the greater the potential transformation as we choose willingly to partner and co-operate with the agents of change

We may see the emergence of some beautiful butterflies as ‘all things are made new’

And although I strongly dislike the phrase; ‘A New Normal’, going forward…

What does a ‘new normal’ look like for my life?

What does a new normal look like for our churches?

What does a new normal look like for our society?

What could a new normal look like for mutual understanding between black and white social-cultural perspectives?

I believe we, The Church, are in an Acts 10 Moment. Before this moment, it wasn’t fully or openly acknowledged that we might have a ‘race problem’ or ‘oppressive systems’ that unfairly and disproportionately still affect the lives of black people not only in our nations but in our churches…

The legacy of 400 years of transatlantic slavery, the Western Powers Colonisation of Africa, segregation laws, industrial prison complex and institutional racism against black people have been the silent elephant in the room…

Since George Floyd, we have seen white Christian Leaders in repentance for not supporting black brothers and sisters when they have needed it most and humbly asking for forgiveness. This is the beginning.

From Masks over Mouths like Muzzles, Black Voices are now being Heard amongst the churches

There is now hope that the creed ‘In Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile’ and indeed ‘Black nor White,’ could become an actual reality in our churches

We are still learning that it’s possible to stand with those being oppressed, as Moses did, without it having to be a politically left versus right debate [but we’ll save that for the next article]

We’ve been in the cocoon of lockdown for an extended period of time…let us now emerge from the darkness with perfected spiritual sight to behold this new 2020 Vision

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