Reimagining Leadership

Is there anthing else we need to learn from business about the role of leadership?

What can we learn about spiritual leadership?

Apostle Paul was somehow able to say ‘Whatever you have seen in me, put that into practice’ and ‘follow me as I follow Christ’

For Paul, leadership was not only a set of techniques or management strategies, leadership was about who he was

Paul raised not just student-leaders (those who fill in the blanks of endless church programmes), but sons.

He adresses Tim as ‘my dear son’ who he ‘thanks God for,’ remembering him ‘night and day constantly in prayers’ whom he ‘longs to see again for I remember your tears as we parted. And i will be filled with joy when we are together again’ [2 Tim 1:2-4]

Leaders who long for their sons

Leaders who remember their sons night and day

Leaders who constantly remember their sons in prayer

Sons not dominated by their CEO’s + Senior Pastors, but find that they are in tears as their spiritual fathers leave them

What an active imagination we must have…

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Peter J. Farmer

Peter J. Farmer is a church planter working with teams and networks to catalyze new forms of church that murmurate into movements...

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