Starting a Movement


This is a brilliant book about Social Movements or Epidemics!

He says there are a few ingredients that can provide a ‘Tipping Point;’ where an idea spreads like wildfire!

Here’s a few of his thoughts paraphrased for mission:


There are 3 types of people who start social epidemics:

Connectors (apostles)- people with many connections, networkers that move from one people group to another

Mavens (prophet/teacher)- researchers, ideas people who pick up the latest trends/ideas and pass them onto others

Salesmen (evangelists)- those that can persuade others, permission-givers, influencers of the majority

If you have an initial innovative idea (revelation), pass it onto these guys and you are likely to create an epidemic!


For a message or idea to stick with people to the point where it leads them to action, there has to be a ‘stickiness’ factor- a way of presenting the idea that causes it to be memorable.

This  is about paying attention to the medium you use to put across the message– the form the idea is communicated through


This is about paying attention to surroundings; the cultural/social context!

It’s also about spreading the message through specific people groups.

Gladwell talks about the power of peer groups! An idea that is caught by a group and practised together is far more powerful than an idea just passed onto isolated individuals.

Small Groups are really important in the spreading of an idea or message.

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Peter J. Farmer

Peter J. Farmer is a church planter working with teams and networks to catalyze new forms of church that murmurate into movements...

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  1. Marsha Farmer

    I’m loving this stuff on starting a movement a little thing can make a differance! I also believe that God is speaking to us about what he wants – our nation is in need of a mighty move of God we need to start connecting more to God’s ways a church without walls walking like Jesus amongst the people not away of just stretching out our hands to give ‘nice hand outs’ getting amongst them and being light making change that will affect our nation – like starting more chritians schools that offer alternative education to the ‘special needs’ children that are LABELED because of what’s going on in the home that society are not dealing with because of all kinds of reasons one being work load – so where is the church sitting comfy backbiting and gossiping in pews each week! awake!

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