Hacking Europe


Some of you may remember back in 2009 I began traveling systematically across Britain. The aim was to visit one of the [according to the EU], ’12 Regions of Britain’ each month…so the game played as follows: 1 region, 1 month.

(Of course it irks some that Scotland is classed as a region, as is Wales and Northern Ireland…but that’s the EU for you)

In total the breakdown of these regions looks something like this (in no particular order):

1. Scotland
2. Northern Ireland
3. Wales
4. North East
5. North West
6. Yorkshire+Humber
7. East Midlands
8. West Midlands
9. East England
10. South East
11. South West
12. London

So with nothing more than spiritual intuition and the wise words of some prophets and the full partnership and backing of my wife…I set off criss-crossing the nation in car, by foot and sometimes even by train…

Through these travels I met many amazing people involved in the so-called emerging simple, organic, missional movement gaining momentum across the UK…(if you want to know what on earth that is check out www.simplechurch.co.uk)

I heard many stories of people who were longing for a more authentic, relational expression of church that was somehow more in-tune with what they saw in the pattern and teaching of Jesus

I found myself sleeping in the homes of strangers, eating with groups of people I had just met, exploring villages, towns, cities, counties and whole regions and then eventually…helping to form and facilitate regional roundtables, gatherings and vision days that brought disparate groups together for story-telling, inspiration and…more food

In the years between 2010-2012 these travels continued…each year building on the previous until we began hosting more and more Taster Days and Trainings for those who were either already part of this emerging movement, or those who were interested but didn’t know how to begin

And then something really surprising happened…established churches; Anglicans, Baptists and Methodists in particular started contacting us interested in the training we offered and the National Gatherings we facilitated (Newforms Gatherings)…

Then some of the ‘New Churches’ got in touch (Vineyard, Icthus, Pioneer, Newfrontiers) and ‘Mission Agencies’ (Eden Network, IMB, GEM, CRM and others) to find out more…as we developed processes in relation to multiplication and movements

And now…a new chapter begins…

Starting this year in 2013, I aim to travel to at least one European country each month for somewhere between 3-12 days

I’m on an adventure in search of IPE’s (inventors, pioneers and entrepreneurs to borrow a phrase from one of my spiritual fathers and dear friend Wolfgang) and cultural artefacts…people, places and projects that have within them the seeds that could spark the Re-Invention of Europe

I’m looking for like-minded people, people who say: ‘Give me this country, or I die’

Those who are yearning for new forms of education, business, politics and media

Those who literally want to turn the world upside down…

I will try to blog about some of the people I meet, the places that inspire me and the projects (or prototypes) that are emerging from this great Continent…

Stay in touch…tell me if you know of people you think I should meet and places you think I should go…

Let the games begin!

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