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FIELDS (The Strategic Plan for Movements)


This post outlines the Church Planting Movements (CPM)/ Disciple Multiplication Movements Strategy used in CPM’s around the world. This Strategy has been written down by Steve Smith in his excellent book ‘T4T‘ (Training 4 Trainers) and Steve Addison in his easy-to-use book ‘What Jesus Started‘. Nathan Shenk calls it ‘The Four Fields‘…but as there are actually more than four in the diagram above, Newforms just refers to this Strategic Plan as ‘FIELDS’

Newforms has been trying to understand the basic Principles and Practices of Movements from direct experience on the ground in Britain and Europe and by attempting to recontextualise Asian and Unreached People Group (UPG) multiplication principles which are often framed in modernistic language into a Western (and particularly a post-christendom, post-modern secular humanist Europe) context (through gamification and other new forms approaches)

FIELD 1: Connect (Purple)
Finding God Prepared People

Ying Kai says there are only 2 types of people in this world…Lost (those who do not know Jesus) and Found (those who do)

When we meet ‘lost’ (L) people, we Share Gospel (Gospel Bridge)
When we meet ‘found’ (F) people, we Cast Vision (Kingdom Vision)

Do you have a Strategy for Connecting with More People to Engage in CPM and Help them Journey around the FIELDS?

How many new people have you and your trainers, trained in Movement Practices? (this year? this month? this week?)

Write a List of 100 People you know and sort them into Lost and Found, then help your disciples do the same…which 5 of these will you Cast Vision to and/or Share Gospel with this week?

(onto Field2)

FIELD 2: Share (Red)
Reproducing Gospel’

Do you and the people you have connected with and trained have a Spreading Pathway to Share the gospel with new people rapidly, Mouth 2 Ear, in order to find Persons of Peace (and their household/oikos)?

At NR, we use the 7P’s PATH based on Luke 10/Matt 10 to help those we are training as disciples to Spread the Gospel to others and find many Households of Peace

How many of your People Group/Places are hearing the gospel Mouth 2 Ear this week? This month? This year?

(onto Field3)

FIELD 3: Train (Yellow)
Reproducing Disciples

Once you have found Persons of Peace (PoP) you have Coached them to Gather their Oikos (social circle/households) do you have a simple pattern for training reproducing disciples?

We want to Plant Seed on Good Soil to Reproduce to at least x30, x60, x100 (Mark 4, Matt 13) so we always use Discovery (DBS) methodology when bringing God’s word to others…as we are facilitating Obedience-Based Discipleship (Truth+Dare) with that in mind…

Do you have a set of Short Term (ST) teachings of Jesus (Commands of Christ)?
And Long Term (LT) disciple-making teachings of Jesus?

Short Term
We and those we have trained have tended to use:
ST – Seven Signs of John (7SJ)
Basic Teachings of Christ (BTC)
From Hebrews 6:1-3 that lays out the Basic Principles of Christ that all disciples should know and practice. We use this as a curriculum to find stories from the Gospels and Acts about Repentance, Faith, Baptisms, Laying Hands, Resurrection and Judgment and share them in Oikos through Discovery Methodology and use The Four Questions (see below)

BUT- there are other Short Term discipleship tools such as:
Seven Stories of Hope (7SH)
Seven Signs of Koran (7SK)
Creation to Christ (C2C)
Seven Commands of Christ (SCC)

Long Term
We continue to use the DBS (Discovery Bible Study) approach after the foundation of Christ and his Basic Teaching has been laid in Spirit/Truth, Word and Practice into the group

We use Discovery to take the emerging groups and churches through scriptures on:


Each day/week when we meet together…we simply read a short passage of Scripture then ask Four Questions:
1. SAY– what does it say?
2. MEAN– what does it mean?
3. DO– what do we need to do to obey?
4. SHARE– who else needs to hear this word?

Do all those you are training to make disciples, have a simple pattern of making disciples who make disciples who make disciples in oikos (social circles/groups) down to Four Generations (4G) and beyond (2 Tim 2:2)?

(Click Here For More on What Do We Do When We Meet The Oikos)

FIELD 4: Gather (Green)
Reproducing Churches

A key to Movements is when the new disciples who are gathering in groups begin to see themselves as ‘church’ (Jesus-Centred Extended Families on a Mission)

c1 Covenant
c2 Characteristics
c3 Caring Leaders

Has The Community formed Covenantal Relationships (Up:In:Out) whilst fulfilling their Kingdom Mission?

Is the Community practicing The Essential Characteristic’s of Church (like those found in Acts 2:37-47)?

Are there Caring Leaders emerging (insiders/indigenous leaders)

(see post on Movemental Churches for more on this)

FIELD 5: Multiply (Blue)
Reproducing Leaders/Workers

Three Types of Emerging Leaders…
Church Leaders
Area Leaders
Network Leaders

Church Leaders– usually start simple communities, by either Going or Gathering

Area Leaders– usually Coach a Circle (4-8) of Emerging and Reproducing Leaders

Network Leaders– usually lead a Tribe of Churches (10-15 churches and leaders) or an Emerging Network of Tribes (Movement)

How are you intentionally multiplying all 3 Types of Leaders

MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch, Leave)
A Simple Way to Multiply Leaders
Model – I Do, You Watch
Assist– You Do, I Help
Watch – You Do, I Watch
Leave– You Do, I Coach Behind the Scenes (through a Circle)

Are you reproducing Workers through a Simple Plan, Process and common set of Missional Practices (using the FIELD?)

Can they do what you do and beyond?

Of Course we must Die to Multiply

F1 – Found- Cast Vision, Lost- Share Gospel
F2– 7P PATH to Find Person of Peace + Their Oikos
F3 – Train the HOUSE in 7SJ, + Basics
F4– 3C’s + UP:IN:OUT

(This post draws heavily on the material of other CPM trainers and practicitioners, some whom I don’t even know, with some European contextualisation and gamification from Newforms– that’s the beauty of reproducing! Thanks to Steve Smith, Jeff Sundell, Steve Addison, Neil Cole, Mike Breen, David L Watson, George Patterson and others for sharing your material and training faithful workers who are able to pass it on to others!)

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